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Yemelyan Romanov
Yemelyan Romanov

All Of Us Are Dead 1x9

The 3 stage beehive entrance can be configured to: optimise colony security; enhance in and out traffic.The entrance provides a flat floor, enabling fast and efficient removal of debris such as dead bees, chalk brood and pests.

All of Us Are Dead 1x9

The employer drives up in a wood-paneled minivan. An unassuming man steps out and introduces himself as Pryce. Sobchak tells him that Mike is dead weight because he didn't bring a weapon. Mike responds that if he needs one, he'll take one of Sobchak's. Sobchak dares Mike to take it from him and tauntingly holds out a pistol. When Sobchak points it at his head after Mike asks him to "make it not so easy", he is swiftly and effortlessly disarmed. An enraged Sobchak lunges forward, but Mike incapacitates him with a single hit to the throat, then finds and disposes of all of Sobchak's weapons. He holds up a particularly ostentatious one and offers it to the large man, who flees in terror. Mike dumps the weapons into a nearby trashcan, picks up his sandwich and heads for the minivan. Pryce agrees to pay him the full fee for three men, and the two drive off to the meet.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Chuck prepare for their meeting at HHM. Chuck is apprehensive, but Jimmy reassures him. He helps Chuck to the car and retrieves his electronics from the mailbox, confused to find that his phone is dead. At HHM, Howard arranges for everything electric to be deactivated in preparation for Chuck's arrival. The firm's employees gather in the lobby and shower Chuck with applause when he enters with Jimmy. A cheerful Howard embraces Chuck and guides him upstairs, leaving Jimmy behind to balance a tall stack of files.

That night, Kim visits Jimmy at the nail salon and urges him to take Howard's deal. Livid, he accuses her of being bought off by Howard. Near tears, she reiterates that taking the deal is the best thing for Jimmy but leaves without going into more detail. Bothered by their exchange, Jimmy retreats to his office and finally plugs his dead cell phone into the wall. As it begins to recharge, Jimmy ruminates - something about the phone's dead battery has gotten under his skin.

The next morning, Jimmy visits Chuck and tells him he's going to give the Sandpiper case to HHM. Chuck agrees that this is for the best and offers to put a good word in with Howard. Jimmy points out that Chuck could threaten to leave the firm; with the way the staff applauded his arrival, there's no way the partners would risk his return. When Chuck hesitates, Jimmy reveals that he already knows that Chuck is not remotely interested in bringing Jimmy into HHM. Since he always turns off his phone when he puts it in Chuck's mailbox, he became suspicious when he found the battery dead. A call to the phone company revealed a deleted call to Howard two nights prior, while Jimmy was asleep on the couch. Only Chuck could have made that call.

At the Tiedemann home, Doris Tiedemann shows Agnes Nielsen a dress Agnes has lent her. She tells Doris that she looks beautiful and can keep the dress. Doris asks how long Agnes was married: "Fifteen years." Doris tells her she's been married to Egon for nearly ten years, but Egon is not home as much now as he is devoted to his job. She asks Agnes about her husband's job; she answers that he was a pastor but not a "man of faith." Agnes states that he wasn't a good person and that she sometimes thinks it's good that he's dead and that she is free. Doris then tells Agnes she can't accept the dress.

Ulrich walks along the edge of the forest. Egon drives past him and stops his car. He tells Ulrich to stop, but he runs away from him. Egon chases after him. Ulrich heads toward the Winden Caves, but Egon manages to cut him off and lunges at him just as he nears the entrance. Ulrich recovers and continues toward the caves, but Egon shoots his gun in the air, telling Ulrich to stop and raise his hands. Egon asks him what he did to the boys at the construction site and Helge. Ulrich tells him they can't be there any longer as he changed all that: Helge is dead and won't be able to kill again. Egon tells him he is a maniac and puts a confused Ulrich in handcuffs, continuing to mutter that he changed it. Meanwhile, Helge wakes up in the bunker and gasps.

At the Tiedemann home, Bartosz Tiedemann is playing video games. He sees an old woman entering the backyard and goes to meet her. She tells him she knows who he is as she is Claudia, his grandmother. She asks if his mother is home. Bartosz is surprised about this appearance as his mother told him she died before he was born. Claudia says she is not surprised Regina told him she is dead as she was not a good mother. Bartosz asks where she was all these years. Claudia says that's a long story. She tells him she cannot wait for Regina to come home as she has things to do and gives him a photo of herself and her daughter as a teenager from before "that summer" when she made many mistakes. If she could turn back time, she would have done things differently. Meanwhile, at Waldhotel Winden, Regina stands in the empty lobby, gathering dust.

The crowd goes into an uproar. Arya tries to make her way through the crowd, drawing her sword to save her father, but Yoren grabs and stops her, shielding her from seeing her father's death. Sansa screams and is restrained by guards as she faints. A visibly horrified Cersei frantically tries to persuade her son to reconsider, as does Varys, but there is no time. Forced to kneel, Eddard looks at the statue and sees that Arya has been rescued by Yoren, and is relieved in his eyes that she is safe. Ser Ilyn draws Eddard's own sword, Ice, and cuts his head off with a single blow. A flock of pigeons takes flight immediately afterwards, the sight being all Arya needs to know her father is dead.

Blair, Serena, and Nate change into dry clothes and return to the party downstairs. In the background, Howard argues on the phone with someone; which Nate overhears. He asks Anne who he's talking to and Anne explains that something is going on with his latest dead. After hanging up, Howard comes over and says he needs to go to the office for awhile. Anne tells him no, but he explains that if he partner closes the deal without him, he won't receive the commission. However, Anne still tells him that he shouldn't leave and offers to write a check to compensate for the missed commission. Angry, Howard replies that he lost his appetite and walks away. 041b061a72




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