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Yemelyan Romanov
Yemelyan Romanov

Dino Danger Pack: The Ultimate Expansion for Zoo Tycoon 2 Fans

Wildlife that walks on two legs is a very rare thing, so you can imagine how special it is for a zoo keeper to add a dog, or a bear to his zoo. In Zoo Tycoon 2, you will be able to add such species to your zoo, and you will be able to see them walking around your zoo area. The Dino Danger expansion pack features a very large list of new animals, that are similar to the ones that were seen in the Endangered Species expansion pack, but much rarer.

Download Zoo Tycoon 2 Dino Danger Pack Full Version Free


As stated previously in this article, Dino Danger includes four new animals to the game, as well as the original Dino Danger expansion pack, which was released in August 2006 and is called Dino Danger 2.[1] It also introduces new challenge and campaign levels, the Jeep Liberty vehicle, new transportation vehicles, three new biomes, a specific island with lava and new plants to add to the zoo. But, more importantly, it adds new objects that can be used for each species.

The Dino Danger Pack was released at the end of July 2006. The pack could only be downloaded from the Zoo Tycoon website via credit card. It added four new animals to the game, Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Carnotaurus, and Styracosaurus, as well as new objects to be used for them and a campaign game. The Dino Danger Pack could be purchased and downloaded at Zoo Tycoon premium downloads.[1] Since the release of Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals, which includes more updated versions of all of the animals included in the pack, Dino Danger was taken offline from the Zoo Tycoon website and can no longer be downloaded from, however other sites still offer this pack.




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