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Aitor Bermejo San Jose
Aitor Bermejo San Jose

Hollow Knight Path Of Pain Location

Hollow Knight Path of Pain Location

Hollow Knight is a challenging and rewarding metroidvania game that features a vast and mysterious world to explore. One of the most hidden and difficult areas in the game is the Path of Pain, a secret platforming section that tests the player's skills and patience. In this article, we will show you how to find and complete the Path of Pain, as well as what rewards await you at the end.


How to Find the Path of Pain

The Path of Pain is located within the White Palace, a dream realm that can be accessed by using the Awoken Dream Nail on the corpse of a Kingsmould in the Ancient Basin. The White Palace is already a challenging area that requires precise movement and timing to navigate through its traps and enemies. However, the Path of Pain is even more difficult and hidden than the rest of the palace.

To find the Path of Pain, you will need to reach the upper part of the White Palace, where there is an elevator that leads to a large hall with many Wingmoulds. Just above the elevator, there is a breakable wall that can be destroyed by using your Nail or a spell. Behind the wall, there is a hidden passage that leads to the entrance of the Path of Pain. You will see a large seal with spikes around it and a sign that says "No mind to think. No will to break. No voice to cry suffering. Born of God and Void." This is the Path of Pain.

Image source: [Path of Pain Entrance]

How to Complete the Path of Pain

The Path of Pain consists of several sections that are filled with spikes, buzzsaws, thorns, and other hazards that will instantly kill you if you touch them. You will need to use your Nail, Dash, Wall Jump, and Crystal Heart abilities to traverse through these obstacles. You will also need to master a technique called pogoing, which involves jumping and hitting the hazards underneath you with your Nail to generate knockback. Pogoing can help you halt your movement when there is no place to rest, or let you cross a dangerous spot on the back of a moving hazard. It may take some practice to get the pogo timing right.

The Path of Pain is very unforgiving and does not have any checkpoints or benches along the way. If you die, you will be sent back to the beginning of the area. Therefore, it is recommended to equip some charms that can help you survive and recover your health. Some useful charms are:

  • Hiveblood: This charm will regenerate one mask of health every 10 seconds if you have taken damage from an environmental hazard. This can save you from dying if you make a mistake and lose some health.

  • Grubsong: This charm will grant you some Soul whenever you take damage from an enemy or hazard. This can help you heal yourself with Focus or use spells to clear some obstacles.

  • Longnail or Mark of Pride: These charms will increase the range of your Nail, which can make pogoing easier and safer.

  • Deep Focus: This charm will double the amount of health you recover when using Focus, but also double the amount of Soul it consumes. This can be useful if you have enough Soul to heal yourself fully in one go.

  • Quick Focus: This charm will reduce the time it takes to use Focus, which can be helpful if you need to heal yourself quickly in a safe spot.

You can also watch some videos that show how to complete each section of the Path of Pain, such as [this one], [this one], or [this one]. However, keep in mind that these videos may not reflect your own experience or skill level, and that you may need to adapt your strategy accordingly.

What Rewards Await You at the End

After you have managed to reach the final section of the Path of Pain, you will fall down into a pit where you will see yourself surrounded by thorns on the wall. You will have to defeat two Kingsmoulds that will attack you with their swords and shields. Spells are very effective in dealing with them quickly, especially Descending Dark, which can also grant you some invincibility frames. After defeating the Kingsmoulds, you will be able to enter a room where you will see a cutscene that depicts the Pale King and a younger version of the Hollow Knight. You will also receive a Journal Entry for the Seal of Binding, which reads:

A mysterious force seals the path ahead. The seal cannot be destroyed or dispelled.

And so our pact holds strong. The darkness in Hallownest shall never surface.

This cutscene and entry provide some insight into the lore and backstory of the game, especially the relationship between the Pale King and the Hollow Knight, and the nature of the Void. However, they do not have any gameplay impact or affect the endings of the game. After watching the cutscene, you will wake up outside the Path of Pain, and the entrance will be sealed off permanently. You will not be able to enter the Path of Pain again.


The Path of Pain is one of the most challenging and rewarding areas in Hollow Knight, but also one of the most optional and hidden ones. It is not required for completing the game or achieving 112% completion, but it is a fun and satisfying challenge for those who seek it. It also offers some lore and story elements that can enrich your understanding of the game's world and characters. If you are up for the challenge, we hope this article has helped you find and complete the Path of Pain.




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