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Yemelyan Romanov
Yemelyan Romanov

Dinosaur Training Lost Secrets Of Strength And ... WORK

I wrote Knife, Fork, Muscle to give you the same kind of no-nonsense, straight-from-the-shoulder approach to diet and nutrition that my other books and courses apply to strength training and muscle-building.

dinosaur training lost secrets of strength and ...

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Brooks has written and published over 30 books and courses covering strength training and muscle building, physical and mental conditioning, strength training for sports, training for lifelong strength and health, old-school strength training and muscle building, drug-free training, Iron Game history, and strength training for those in the over-40 age group.

In addition to writing books and courses, Brooks also publishes The Dinosaur Files, a monthly newsletter covering strength training, muscle building, weight training, physical culture, diet and nutrition, and Iron Game history.

I am a 38 year old weight lifter. I have been training for over 25 years. I LOVE weighttraining and the best that it represents, and I have always loved it. I have studied the art ofweight training for most of my life. By the way, as a brief aside, that's exactly whatproductive weight training truly is: an ART.. a science. If anyone ever tries to sell you abook, course or exercise machine based on ìscientificî weight training principles, hit himhard and quick and run like hell.I stand 5'9î and weigh around 225 pounds. I am a former high school wrestler, and wonnumerous wrestling championships and awards. I lived in Illinois and Ohio when I wrestled. Iplaced third in the Ohio state collegiate style wrestling championships and won the Illinoisstate Greco-Roman style wrestling championships. I was a good wrestler in part because Itrained hard with the weights. I would have been a much better wrestler if I had known thenwhat I know now. The information in this book is of tremendous value to wrestlers, footballplayers or anyone else who competes in combat sports. The book is about the development ofFUNCTIONAL strength. If you are looking for a book for narcissistic pump artists and mirrorathletes, look elsewhere.After high school I went to college, then to law school. I now work as an attorney at a largeMidwestern law firm. I'm like most of the guys who will read this book: someone keenlyinterested in weight training, but not someone who makes his living from the field. From age33 to age 36 I competed in drug free powerlifting and bench press competition. I lifted in twodifferent organizations. In one, I won three national championships in the bench press, setthree American records in the bench press and also set several national meet records,competing in the 198 and 220 pound classes. I also won many stale and regional titles and setnumerous state and regional records. In the other organization. I won two nationalchampionships in the bench press, set over half a dozen American or national meet records,and set three world records in the 220 pound class. My best official lift was the one that wonmy fifth national championship: 407 pounds. Not too shabby for a middle-aged lawyer.I also spent quite a bit of time working as an official at powerlifting and bench press meets forone organization, and was honored by being selected runner-up for ìmale referee of the yearîon one occasion.After winning five national championships in the bench press I decided to take a break fromcompetition and turn to other mattersósuch as this hook and other writing.Although 1 do not compete in powerlifting or bench press meets at present, I continue to trainregularly and am stronger today than I was when I competed. Some of my current lifts aredetailed later on: I won't bore you by repealing those numbers here. Suffice it to say that yourauthor really does train, really does lift heavy weights on a regular basis, has written manyarticles covering various facets of strength training, is NOT an armchair theorizer. hasdemonstrated on the lifting platform that his ideas work and has provenóat the highest levelsof drug free competition ñ that he can hold his own with the best in the world. Your author isnot a pencil neck, he is not a professional ghost writer who knows nothing about physical

I wrote this book because I love strength training. I wrote this book because I hale what hashappened to the Iron Game over the past thirty or forty years. Most importantly. I wrote thisbook because there is a wealth of training information that is almost impossible to find on thewritten page. The majority of weight training hooks are for bodybuilders or pseudo-bodybuilders, not men who are interested in the development of sheer, raw power andtremendous functional strength. This book is an effort to even the score in that respect.In addition, this book is an effort to make weight training interesting once again. I am tired ofseeing the same old boring ideas presented in one look-alike weight training book afteranother. The Iron Game has been inundated with self-styled experts who really have nothingto offer when it comes to hardcore strength training. Many of the most valuable aspects ofstrength training have literally been lostóburied in the sands of time, forgotten, neglected andunused. Curiously, those hidden secrets are also the very things that make weight trainingenjoyableóthe things that change it from an activity to an adventure. This book will liven upyour training. Think of it as the strength training equivalent of the KAMA SUTRA.The purpose of this book is to give YOUóand every serious weight training enthusiast whopurchases it - a gold mine of LOST IDEAS that really work. Whoever you are, and howevermuch you know about training, this book will include some new information and new ideasfor you. And for those of you who have not been involved in the Iron Game for very long, orwho have not studied anything other than ìmodernî training methods, this book will be arevelation.This book is mental dynamite. It will blow your current training ideas to dust. It will expandyour horizons in ways you cannot now even imagine. Have you ever lifted heavy barrels?What about heavy sandbags? Ever use thick bars for your upper body training? Do you doheavy singles? What about rack work? How about bottom position squats and bench presses?Heavy grip work? Pinch grip lifting? Round back lifting? The farmer's walk? Death sets?Two finger deadlifts? Lifting an anvil? Vertical bar lifts? Lever bars? Sledgehammers? Thisbook covers all of those topics and more - much more.

There are a number of people who made this book possible. The first is my wife of 16 years,Ginnie, who never (well, almost never) complained that I loved the keyboard more than Iloved her. Thanks, darling.The second is Bill Hinbern, a TRUE gentleman, and a man who embodies all of the best theIron Game has to offer. Bill gave me many valuable tips about the practical aspects ofpublishing and marketing a weight training book. He also proofed and edited the manuscript,supplied much useful information, provided the photo used for the cover drawing and wrotethe introduction. Thanks, Bill.The third is my good friend, Mike Thompson, who has urged me for several years to tacklethis project and who always provided encouragement and support. Mike is one of the finestwriters in the field, one of the strongest men I have ever met, and has a keener eye for trainingtechnique than anyone I know. Thanks, Mike.The fourth is Bob Whelan. Like Mike, Bob urged me to roll up my sleeves and knock out abook, and like Mike, he was always there when I needed a word of encouragement. Bob isone of the outstanding strength coaches in the world today. Thanks, Bob.The fifth is Greg Pickett, one of the strongest cellar dwellers in the world, a terrific fan of theIron Game, and one of the most gracious lifters I ever saw on a powerlifting platform. Gregwas the third member of my ìwriter's support groupî as I labored to finish this project, andlike the others, he kept me focused and motivated. Thanks, Greg.The sixth is Kim Wood, Cincinnati Bengal's Strength Coach, with whom I have had manyconversations about serious strength training, and who offered numerous ideas that I have

I initially planned to make DINOSAUR TRAINING a short (60 to 80 page) manual. I figuredI would photocopy the little monster, spiral bind it and give it to friends or sell it to the 20 or30 people in the world who might be interested in the thing. Then I realized my typewrittenmanuscript was already over 300 pages or so, and decided I would have to turn it into anhonest to goodness book.That idea almost fell by the wayside when no book printer would quote the job at anythingless than 2,000 copies - a number of copies I thought I would never sell in a lifetime of trying.After all, how many people are truly interested in things as old fashioned as heavy iron, hardwork, drug free strength training, thick bars, grip work, bags, barrels, and all the rest of whatlies between these covers?Bill Hinbern, Bob Whelan, Greg Pickett and Kim Wood finally convinced me to go aheadwith the project, and after a year of writing, proofing and rewriting, DINOSAUR TRAININGwas offered to an unsuspecting world.What happened then was truly astonishing. The first edition of 3,300 copies sold out in about18 months. The book was reviewed in MILO, THE IRON MASTER, HARD TRAINING,IRONMAN and other magazines, featured on the CYBERPUMP website, and was highlyrated by some of the most knowledgeable men in the Game. IRONMIND ENTERPRISESand IRON MAN began retailing it. College and NFL strength coaches read it. The languageof DINOSAUR TRAINING began to crop up everywhere you looked; references toìbunnies,î ìmaggots,î and ìchrome and fern landî became almost commonplace. Those whosold thick bars experienced off the chart sales, and if anyone had had the foresight to sell bagsor barrels, he would have made a killing.All of this was very gratifying, of course, but what has meant the most have been the lettersfrom readers. The notes I treasure most - and I save them all - are often scribbled on the backsof envelopes or other unlikely pieces of stationary. They come from Europe, Asia, Australia,Canada, Mexico and the United States. They share one common theme; they all say, if I mayparaphrase, ìThanks for helping me recapture the CHALLENGE, EXCITEMENT and FUNof serious strength training!îThose letters prompted two related ventures. The first is this second edition of DINOSAURTRAINING, in revised and expanded form, offering what a number of readers requested intheir letters: more training programs.The second venture is a monthly newsletter called THE DINOSAUR FILES. I started THEFILES in August, 1997, and reader response has been tremendous. If you enjoy DINOSAURTRAINING, you owe it to yourself to give THE FILES a try. (Order information is in theAppendix to this edition, together with other hard to find sources of valuable traininginformation.)Many readers have written to tell me that they made some of their best gains ever afterreading DINOSAUR TRAINING and incorporating some of its ideas into their workouts.Believe me, guys, this stuff is more than ink on paper. It really works. Give it a try. Theresults will surprise you.That's more than enough for one preface. Strap in and hang on for the ride of your life! 041b061a72




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