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Yemelyan Romanov
Yemelyan Romanov


Bear Skin World specializes in high quality large & extra large Canadian Bear Skin Rugs and Wildlife Taxidermy Mounts. We pride ourselves in providing competition quality bear rugs, mounts, and fur products for our customers. We do not sacrifice quality for price. Our realistic Bear Rug mounts and animal Taxidermy Mounts are among the best in the country. All of our skins are commercially tanned by the best tanneries in Canada. We devote great time and care to the eyes, nose and ears to make our authentic Bear Skin Rugs and Wildlife Mounts look alive. The interior of the mouth and teeth are airbrushed and hand stained for a true to life look. The eyes are state of the art implant quality. Our mounts always have original claws in excellent condition.


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All of the animals used are ethically hunted and professionally mounted in Canada. Canada is home to some of the rarest and largest wildlife in the North America. As you may know, the further North, the better quality of the fur, simply because of the cold weather conditions. Many of the animals come from Inuit (Eskimo) hunters in the Canadian Arctic who use the meat of the animal for food and sell the skins to trading posts as their source of income. We strive to find and buy the biggest and best skins available. We take pride in being able to offer some of North America's finest and rarest Trophy Bear Skin Rugs and Taxidermy Mounts.

Bear Skin World is home to some of the largest and rarest Polar Bear Skins. We are one of the few places in the world where you can find brand new real Polar Bear Rugs For Sale. We always have a large selection of real Black Bear Skin Rugs For Sale and genuine Grizzly Bear Rugs. You can also buy authentic Animal Fur Rugs such as our popular Wolf Rugs including timber wolf and arctic wolf rugs. We also have lynx, cougar, badger, bobcat, and wolverine fur rugs for sale. Buffalo Hides have become very popular. We have Buffalo hides for sale that can be used as Buffalo rugs , throws or Buffalo robes. You will also find Beautiful Australian Sheepskin Rugs and stylish Caribou hides for sale.

In addition to our Rugs we always have a good selection of brand new Wildlife Taxidermy Mounts available. We always have Life Size Bear Mounts for sale including both Black Bear Mounts and Grizzly Mounts and sometimes Polar Bear Mounts. You will find some massive Moose Shoulder Mounts and Moose Antlers as well as enormous Elk Antler Shoulder Mounts and Buffalo Shoulder mounts. We also offer Dall Sheep, Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, and Big Horn Sheep Mounts as life size or head / shoulder wall mounts. There are usually Wolf Life Size Mounts for sale as well as various other animal mounts from fine Northern Canadian wildlife.

This area rug brings a rustic, modern farmhouse aesthetic to your living space. It's handmade from faux cowhide, and it features a classic animal print in black and white hues. We love how its 0.25" low pile height makes it an ideal base for busy spaces like your entryway, hallway, or living room. To care for this rug, vacuum with no beater bar or rotating brush, spot clean it with water or mild detergent, or get it professionally cleaned.

This rustic area rug brings an organic, rugged style to your living room or office. A symmetrical shape mimics the look of cowhide, with spots of caramel and cream for a faux skin look. Handmade from polyester, it has a low 0.25" pile that's great for rolling out where it will hold up against everyday wear without tripping up your feet or your vacuum. Plus, it's safe to use on heated floors. Although it comes with a faux suede backing, we recommend pairing it with a rug pad to prevent shifting and sliding underfoot.

Indulge in the sumptuous feel and decadent softness of our luxury faux cowhide collection. The perfect cozy accent for the bed or sofa, our faux cowhide rugs are 100% animal-free, yet beautifully re-create the natural weight, depth of color and a lush pile of genuine fur. Artfully knitted from finely spun strands, the rich textural element of our Millwood Pines rugs infuses a gorgeous sophistication and timeless style to any room.

Animal free. No animal hurt is anyway. The item is fake, not real cowhide. But it is made to look real. The product is elegantly modern with bling metallics to give your space the diva look. Why buy real when you can buy fake cowhides. Show your affection for being animal-friendly and buy yourself a faux cowhide.

A hide rug is the complete skin of an animal that has gone through a chrome tanning or vegetable tanning process. Due to the natural material, this process is necessary to preserve the skin and prevent it from decomposing.

With the New Yearapproaching, you might be considering updating your decor. Animal skin rugsmight be just what you need to add a little more pizzazz to your home. They arenot only chic and fashionable, but they are also soft to the touch and can addwarmth to any space. Which type is right for you depends on what your instincttells you. With a vast number of animal skin rugs to choose from, the onlyproblem you will have is finding just one.

If you are tired ofthe same old boring room, an animal skin will bring out your wild side.Choose one with lots of different colors and is eye-popping. It will definitelyhave everyone in your life giving your decor a second look!

Over the cold wintermonths, nothing is worse than having cold feet. Make your space cozier byadding an animal skin rug to cushion those toes. An animal skin is enough tokeep an animal warm, and it can do the same thing for your chilly feet.

Animal skins awesomebecause they add a whole lot of texture to your decor. Not only are they one ofa kind, but they all also have a texture all their own. If you want to make aspace a little more interesting, an animal skin rug addition is a must!

Brazilian rugs are going to be slightly thicker and have a shinier coat to them whereas our European line tends to have more sought after patterns and colors. Both are great quality products that we hand select to ensure you are getting the best possible product.

You can regularly vacuum the rugs without any issue. For stains, spills, or animal accidents, we recommend using a damp washcloth with some soap or our formulated Cowhide Cleaner. Additionally, you can steam clean your rug if you have any major stains.

Our family business was never that tech savvy, but we knew it would be worth it to bring our rug offerings online, but with a twist. When you see a rug on our site, you will know that is the exact rug you will receive. We stand behind our products offering some of the best return and exchange policies you'll find anywhere online. With the combination of our hand selected, top quality rugs where we search through 1000's of cowhides to end up with only 100's the best cowhides to offer our beloved customers. We want to thank you for joining us on this journey and appreciate each one of you for supporting our family business for over 25 years.

When we pick our hides out for tanning we go through piles of 1000's hides to pick out only the top 10-15% of hides. Our tanning process is ISO 9001 certified which means we use quality management steps to produce the same results repeatedly. We believe in complete transparency from the moment you arrive at our site, so we let you know exactly what rug you will receive, where the rug is from, and provide a certificate of authenticity for your new cowhide rug. Because of the high quality of our products they can be used under coffee tables, high traffic areas, kid's rooms, and more! Great for projects such as reupholstering chairs with cowhide or sheepskin, custom ottomans, upcycling outdated furniture, wall panels, ceiling panels, custom cowhide bedroom furniture, sofa accents or seating areas, notebooks, and more.

Does your animal skin area rug need to be professionally cleaned? Kiwi Services has specialized in cleaning animal skin rugs for over 30 years and can get your rug back to looking and smelling as beautiful as it did the day you brought it home.

Where your animal skin rug comes from can make a huge difference. In general, rugs from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, and France are considered to be the gold standard of animal skin rugs. This is because these areas use special oils and chrome salts to tan the rugs and prevent them from becoming coarse. Plus, if maintaining ethical standards is important to you, manufacturers from these areas only use humane skin from the dairy and meat industry.

All-Taxidermy is your online and local source for stunning bear rugs. We primarily sell the North American Grizzly, brown, and black bear species, although you may find other bear species from around the world on our website, such as the Asian black bear. Questions about our bear skin rugs or taxidermy services? Please reach out to our team today at 1 (888) 983-3886.

Are you looking for a bear rug to proudly display on your cabin wall? All-Taxidermy specializes in high-quality large bear rugs and bear taxidermy mounts. Our company prides ourselves on providing quality bear rugs and mount products for our customers.

The interior of the mouth and teeth are airbrushed and hand stained for a true-to-life look. The eyes are state-of-the-art implant quality. In addition, our bear rugs always have original claws in excellent condition.

Looking for bear skin rugs online? We always have a large selection of real black bear rugs for sale and genuine grizzly bear rugs. In addition to our rugs, we always have a good selection of brand-new wildlife taxidermy mounts available. We always have life-size bear mounts for sale including, both black bear mounts and brown bear mounts. There are usually various life-size mounts for sale as well as various other animal mounts from foxes to birds. 041b061a72




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